Our story so far...

Since launching our first website we have been surprised and touched by how many people have taken the time to read our story, we will keep it brief, but its nice to know who you are dealing with and a bit about us.  I have been installing fireplaces for over ten years now, our company is still young but I had over eight years experience and 2000 wood, gas, propane and pellet (combined) fireplace installations under my belt.  Working for ourselves has been a great change for our family, and for me personally.  As an installer there are a lot of frustrating days working for someone else... salespeople promise things that cant be done, there is rarely enough time allotted to complete a job without rushing, and your often installing a product you are less than proud of.  Working for ourselves has allowed us to solve these issues for our customers.  By staying small I am able to personally inspect, quote and install each of our installations, there is no room for miscommunication between sales and installation as I take each job from quote to completion personally.  I have been able to select brands that look great, perform, and are built to high standards, and that has led to happy customers, referrals and in general our success.  We plan to stay small so we can continue to deliver at such a high level.

Our family moved to Goderich ON in 2016 with the dream of finding our dream home, and starting our own business!  With overwhelming support from the Goderich, Bayfield and Grand Bend communities we are well on our way to achieving our goals!  With our business now well into year three we are happy to say that we are doing well!  It was not easy, starting with one sole fireplace in our showroom years ago but we have slowly built our business into something we can truly be proud of, now with 11 burning displays (and counting) as well as another five static displays.  Our showroom offers a variety of product from all of our suppliers allowing you to get a good appreciation for their quality, finishes and (of course flames) before you make your selection.  We offer an in home evaluation to all potential customers before presenting your formal proposal, and when we give you a price we stick to it, no surprise extras for anything related to your fireplace (of course if we discover any electrical, structural issues during our installation we will bring them to your attention)

We want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of our fantastic customers who have supported us through sales, referrals and advice!

This year has some big changes in store, and many have noticed there is a SOLD sign on our house!  Not to worry, we are not going far, just a few KM south of Goderich into what we hope will be our "forever home" (your all really stuck with us now).  This past year has also brought some changes to our business, with our business growing we have caught the attention of some of the best manufacturers in the world.  We have been able to add STUV, Jotul, and most recently Valor fireplaces to compliment the quality Canadian made Enviro fireplaces that have helped make us so successful!  We truly feel we now offer a dream lineup of fireplaces offering QUALITY products and some of the world leaders in design


Nathan and Stephanie