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Read Frequently Asked Questions

We have selected brands that look and perform great and are built to the highest standards. Our small company size gives you big value as you deal directly with ownership throughout your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Hire our fireplace specialists at Huron Fireplaces LTD in Goderich, Ontario for our exceptional installation services. Read frequently asked questions here for more information.

(Q) Where can I put a fireplace?

(A) Commonly a living room with an outside wall or an open basement make things easier. Generally, if you can dream it, chances are we can make it happen.

(Q) You can’t put a TV above a fireplace right??!!

(A) Actually, there are several ways to accomplish this without risking your TV, the view or design. From a simple beam to a “Cool Surface” kit, we can make it happen without sacrifice.

(Q) How much would a fireplace cost?

(A) This is probably our most common question. We have completed projects from $2500 to $25,000! There are so many variables, it is honestly hard to say. In most cases a budget of $3500-$6000 will get you a good quality product with installation. Don’t hesitate to call for a free on site quote with one of our installers.

(Q) What fuel should we use in our fireplace?

(A) Natural gas is the most popular and common by far. Natural gas fireplaces are safe, clean and reliable. The heat can be adjusted and also controlled by thermostat.

Propane offers all the advantages of natural gas and can be delivered to sites where natural gas isn’t available. While more expensive then natural gas, propane is still safe, clean and economical.

Wood offers a clean, reliable and luxurious heat to any space. While not for everyone, the ambiance of real wood fire is truly amazing!!

(Q) Wait, wood? Isn’t that dirty and bad for the environment?

(A) Modern wood fireplaces have extremely clean emissions (under 2 gram per hour compared to older units with 30-40 grams or more). This means no plume of smoke coming from your chimney. Responsibly sourced wood fires have no carbon footprint at all. The same amount of carbon would be released if the tree fell and rotted in the woods.

Don’t forget, we are here to help you through the whole process! We offer no charge consultations at your home (within normal service area) where our experts can assess your needs and make recommendations for you and your family needs.

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