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**Please Note** 

Our Showroom will be closed April 20th and 21st 

We will be attending the Bayfield Home and Garden show April 27th and 28th, we will also be open at our showroom however will have reduced hours.  Please call 519-955-5959 to book an appointment on these days if you are making a special trip so we do not miss you!

We will return to regular Business hours of Fridays and Saturdays from 11 - 5 for May!  

Our showroom is ope​n at 19 Main Street in Bayfield


Our 44" linear will not be beat! 

I took this shot the other day in our showroom after we got this sleek linear unit fired up! It boasts an impressive 38,000 BTU giving it one of the most impressive flames on the market. Topped off with the most detailed driftwood log set on the market today! You need to come in to see this one burning!

Perfect for any cottage

Our freestanding stoves can come in both steel bodies or cast iron, perfect to fill the spot where that old wood stove you never use is! A freestanding stove does not need framing or finishing work making them some of the most cost effective installations!

Be sure to come see these units as well as the rest of our showroom!

We are excited to announce the addition of the Jotul and Stuv lines!

Jotul and Stuv fireplaces are like a functional work of art in your home
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 Stuv fireplaces offer some of the most stunning European designs in both wood and gas.  Their freestanding wood stoves offer unique design along with some of the coolest features (like a BBQ attachment for the Compact 30 shown here).  The Stuv Zero clearance wood are not only competitively priced, but fit into smaller enclosures and boast amazing viewing areas.  


Jotul is a Norwegian brand that has built a name on its amazing cast iron.  They offer a range of traditional and contemporary wood and gas products, both as a stand alone unit or as an insert.   

Enviro Fireplaces

Our #1 brand!  These Canadian made fireplaces boast some of the finest flames in the market. Heavy construction, polished finish.

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Continental Fireplaces

Proudly made right here in Ontario, continental fireplaces boast some of the best valued fireplaces on the market

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Jotul Fireplaces

Timeless Norwegian Craft, Jotul manufactures cast iron gas and wood products that truly stand out.  

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Stuv Frieplaces

Belgian design, Stuv wood and gas units combine simple and modern designs with quality craftsmanship and 

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